The following proclamation was written in advance of our poetic declaration of independence in summer 2015. It remains the guiding principle for Landskerian independence as set out upon the establishment of the First Landskerian Republic (AKA the Most Serene Republic) which has hitherto been abandoned; the Landskerian people are currently occupying an area of Wales, which is de facto independent as a Landskerian state, but still part of the UK, de jure, and as such is yet to be formally declared as the Second Landskerian Republic…


We hereby declare our independence from the Sovereignty of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and from the country of Wales, and proclaim the foundation of the Most Serene Republic of Landskeria on the small amount of land we occupy in Central Pembrokeshire, between Walton East and Woodstock Cross.

Our reasons are many, but here are the foremost:

  1. We do not recognize the authority of the Monarch of the UK.
  2. We do not recognize the Monarch as the head of our state.
  3. We do not recognize the Monarch as absolute owner of the land we live on.
  4. We do not recognize the Monarch’s domestic or foreign powers.
  5. We especially do not recognize the Monarch’s power to recognize states.
  6. We do not recognize the Monarch’s royal prerogative.
  7. We do not recognize the Monarch as forming part of the UK Parliament.
  8. We do not recognize royal assent, regardless of whether or not it is practised.
  9. We do not recognize a legal system called “English law” as applying to Wales.
  10. We do not recognize the legitimacy of any official connection between a head of state and a religious institution.

We seek war with no one. But the establishment of our sovereign enclave within UK territory is the only way we can see at this time to truly assert the rights and freedoms of our population – that we may call home a country that is fair, and equal, and free from the tyranny of history; and that our daughters may grow up in a country where they are equal to all other children and unobligated by their state to sing tuneless songs about unproven deities blessing undeserving families with undue privileges. The Most Serene Republic of Landskeria recognizes that we do not live in feudal times and urges you to recognize the same: doubt it all, for nothing’s everlasting.

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