Landskeria was founded near (and named after) the Landsker Line in central Pembrokeshire. But since it is a nation and not a country, it is wherever its people are. And its people have since moved a bit further north, with their toes in y Fro Gymraeg. Thus, Landskeria is in the process of becoming a bilingual state; however since the name of our nation is formed from an old Anglo-Saxon word (with no “English” equivalent) and a Latin/Greek suffix, translating it into Welsh seems both difficult and unnecessary. A simple substitution of the K for a G would suffice; thus, Lanskeria becomes Landsgeria. Or Prifddinas Gweriniaeth Landsgeria, for the full, official title.

We are south of the Preselis, north of the Landsker, west of Glandy Cross, and east of Maenclochog. Mwy Wern na Witwg.

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