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15/10/2015: the bat is out of the cage

Nine days has passed since I wrote (and forgot to post) the following paragraphs:

Another week has passed by in Landskeria. That probably doesn’t sound like news, but bear in mind this is more of a diary than a news bulletin.

IMG_7157I almost reversed over a dead fox early in the week as I was pulling out to drive Sybil off to kindergarten. It must have been killed recently (hit by a car or a tractor) as there were no flies on it, and only a bloody mouth and the general stiffness indicated that it hadn’t just lay down there in the road for a nap.

I carried it by its rigid paws and put it on the side of our driveway. Not really sure why, but I didn’t want its body to be further damaged by the uncaring passage of heavy vehicles.

IMG_7169When I got back I decided I wanted to keep it. The proper thing to do is to phone the council and have them take it away, I think. But that seemed wrong. And not just because it was now on sovereign Landskerian land, which the council have little or no business being on.

Of course I still pay council tax, because I still enjoy the trappings of Pembrokesherian civilization (especially the fortnightly rubbish collection). But The dead fox had become my responsibility. And that ultimately meant hiding it behind some rocks in our lay-by in the hope that it will naturally biodegrade there (AKA be eaten by insect larvae) and there will be a skeleton for me to remember it by.

IMG_7195I always liked collecting animal bones as a kid. And we always pick up any bleached remnants of sheep or rabbit when we’re out walking on the hills. The kids like them too. I somehow doubt the carcass will remain unmolested by other megafauna; most likely some foxes will sniff it out and come and drag it away. But they may do so if they wish.

Autumn is in full swing; the coolness is just about there in the air, although the weather is brighter and more joyous than it was for the majority of 2015’s summer.

IMG_7189We’ve been walking up at the hill a couple of times; plenty of ponies, sheep and ravens. But it’s too dry for mushrooms. Unheard of in a Welsh autumn! Funnily enough I noticed one of those Ordnance Survey height market things (I forget the real name; they look like runes) on the Snack Rock on the side of Carn Sian. Never noticed it before, but it must have been there because I don’t think they make them anymore.

What else has happened this week? V nearly went to London but then didn’t. I drove around a lot, taking children to and from places. Our car is due a service actually. It’s only been with us since January but it’s already done about a million miles.

IMG_7147I made a preliminary design for the mural I plan to paint on the wall on the side of our house. I’m pretty pleased with it; but it’ll look much better when the hydrangeas are rendered in paint as opposed to permanent marker.

^ AND AT THIS POINT Victoria arrived, from Porlock, or wherever it was she’d been to. And I forgot to finish the diary. I was going to mention supermoons through Velux windows, looking at houses for my mum, and Hercules and Charlotte’s visit, where (as Fury keeps on reminding me, at odd moments throughout the day) “Herc fell in the pond”. We also spoke briefly to Adam, who was hungover in what looked like scorching LA sunlight.

IMG_7150What has happened since then? Another weekend: Victoria took Sybil to London to see her aunts and her cousin. (Sybil’s.)

I stayed here with Fury and Nana and Pepé came to look at houses. It was a tiring but very enjoyable weekend in which Fury got to stroke many cats, dogs, and almost some chickens. They found a couple of houses they liked, but it seems doubtful either will be The One. One of them was very vague about its price, and had structural complications. The other was lovely but a bit far from us, so I worry they wouldn’t be able to babysit quite as often as they must surely want to.


Story time with Hercules, Fury and Sybil. (And Victoria.)

Days disappear into emptied diesel tanks, and out of the chimney of the pellet boiler, into the cold autumn sky. I’ve been taking Fury to the hills, and to the standing stones and stone circles, desperately trying to get a long-running poetry video recorded and finished.

I launched the kickstarter campaign for my next poetry book, and that’s going pretty well so far. (Touch wood.) And finally, today, I drove to Brandon Tool Hire in Narberth and hired an access tower (like a mobile scaffold thing, and actually began painting our independence mural! (The aforementioned Landskeria coat of arms.) I’m very excited, and slightly worried V might have second thoughts. Oh well, I’ve begun now. I won’t post a picture just yet. I’ll wait till a little more is done.

Now, I’ve probably missed out all sorts of things that have been going on. But if I don’t cut this short now I’ll forget to post it again and October will crinkle up and fall from the sky to be blown away by winter winds.

The weather is delightful. The environment is changing. The economy is stretched.


A Velky.