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Since we’re in lockdown, I’m home-schooling again. This morning we’ve been looking at calendars and how, and why, we sort time into years, months, days, etc. As part of this exercise I’ve encouraged the girls to try to remember the events of last year and to look ahead to the coming year: to think about what happened in 2020, what stands out for them, what they enjoyed, and didn’t; and what their hopes and fears are for the year ahead. These pieces will constitute their first (but I hope not their last) direct contributions to this blog. Although I will be typing up this blog-post today, I am doing so under direction from them, as they dictate from the notes they made in this morning’s class. – A.V.

The Landskerian symbol

Fury (7):

“Last year Daddy got the Landskerian symbol. The Landskerian symbol is a symbol of Landskeria. It looks like a circle with four half circles around the edges, and lines through the middle. Daddy found it in the ashes of a bonfire. It was in the middle of a bit of an old drawer knob. We made a country that has been around for about six years. The symbol is going to be on Daddy’s crown, and maybe on the new flag (if we get one). Last year I got a Beanie Boo from McDonald’s. I hate Coronavirus. It made me angry.

“This year I want to make new recipes for Landskeria. I hate Covid-19. I want to get another dog. I want for it to snow in winter, in our garden. This year I would also like for us to breed chickens and dogs and maybe hogs, because I want there to be Landskerian breeds of animals.”

Sybil (9):

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Sybil’s notes.

“I hate lockdown a lot. Lockdown was boring because I didn’t get to see my friends, and eventually I got sick of home-school. I also hated lockdown because I couldn’t go shopping with Mummy or Daddy. Last year I managed to learn to read big books in English. I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It’s my favourite Harry Potter book. Mummy read me all of them before, but I decided to read that one again. I went to a wedding in 2020 – at the start, before lockdown. Auntie Megan’s wedding. I also went to my first ever funeral. It was Haggis’s funeral. It was interesting because it was my first ever funeral. I ate cheese pasties. I felt sorry for Lili, my friend.

Facts About the Hungarian Puli: The Mop Dog | Puli dog, Puli dog breed,  Hungarian puli
This is a mop-dog.

“This year, my New Year’s resolution is to learn French, because when I’m older I want to live in Paris with my best friend Anna and a big Samoyed called Pompom and a black cat called Shadow. I hope this year we will get another dog; a mop-dog called Moppy. I’m worried that lockdown might continue this year which means I will not be able to go on my sleep-over school trip, like last year when our trip to Llangrannog was cancelled. Goodbye. Hwyl fawr. Au revoir. Merci.”