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A blog about our pet dogs

Frida (by Sybil, aged 9)

Pixie and Frida

We have two pet dogs. One of them is called Frida. Frida loves to play in the snow. She likes to chase her tail. And run about in the garden. Frida doesn’t like having a bath, but she does like running on the beach. Frida likes to play with her grumpy sister, Pixie. Frida is a Papillon, which means “butterfly” in French; because her ears look like butterfly wings. She doesn’t like playing with puppies, because they annoy her. The puppy she knows is my nana’s dog called Lulu. (She’s a Jack Russel.)

Frida doesn’t like going on a walk with a lead on; but she has to, because there are signs. Frida HATES people touching her paws. If you touch her paws she will jump about and try to lick you. Frida also does not like loud noises; because of her big ears, it makes it so she hears things much louder than us. Frida doesn’t like it when we’re eating dinner and she hasn’t had her dinner yet. She jumps up at your legs, and it’s very annoying. My favourite thing about Frida is how cute, fluffy and jumpy she is. And how excited she is. But at night she lies down on the chair and goes to sleep.

Pixie (by Fury, aged 7)

A poem about Pixie which I wrote last week for home-school

Our other pet dog is called Pixie. The grumpy one we mentioned earlier. She guards mummy’s stuff (e.g. slippers). She’s a Pomeranian and she’s always on the sofa (like I’ve said in my poem). Anyway, Pixie is identical to a baby seal. She likes tummy rubs, and she plays ball, but doesn’t give it back. She guards it under her own chin. And she goes mad when she hears her name. (Only when Mummy does it.) And also she is identical to a cat. Pomeranians are famous for their cuteness, and Pixie too is sweet. She will bark with a single knock on the door. She stands up on the back of the chair and barks at the top of her voice.

She hates mostly everyone except for Nana and her family (I said this in my poem too!) And whenever you touch her she will lick you, unless you’re a stranger, then she will nip you.

Sybil and Fury Velky, February 1 2021

PS, this is my poem about a seal (Sybil)