Like this.

But also other ways, to be recorded here also.

3 thoughts on “HOW

  1. roberto

    Hi. I’ve been looking for ancient places in Pembroke and found your site. Thank you so much, it’s amazing and has and hopefully will continue to a valuable resource, if you dont mind obviously.
    Thanks again

  2. Keith

    Dear Landskeria

    I’ve much enjoyed your history.

    Regarding the Dogmaels Monks and “St Dogmaels was the only Tironensian abbey in Wales (and there were to be none in England).”

    Can I be so bold as to shed some light on this? The Tironensian monks (from Tiron in Brittany) were Bretons, not French Normans. Therefore descended from the Britons who had emigrated to Brittany only a few hundred years earlier, from Devon and Cornwall (possibly Wales as well). They might have had good reasons for avoiding Norman England, possibly also connected with them not practicing “normal” Catholic Christianity. More like Celtic Rite Christianity.

    Best wishes with your republic.

    1. alexandervelky Post author

      Keith, many thanks for your interesting comment. It’s said that St Dogmael, supposedly a cousin of St David, spent time in Brittany in the 6th century. There seems to have been a lot of movement between Brittany, Cornwall, Wales and Ireland (and Western Scotland) in the “Dark” Ages.


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